Stories are there to be told! Everyday we show you what we love, while we believe the story behind these items can be just as inspiring. Ever since we first came across the beautiful light boxes from Swedish based Bxxlght, they are on our want-list! Founder Daniela Upmark began her brand as an idea to make any spot at home more fun. And we think with these minimalistic decorations you definitely can! Located in Stockholm, Daniela tells us how it all started and where she’s going with the brand.

1) Let’s get back to the beginning of Bxxlght. How did it all start and what was the turning point that made your brand come alive?
It started out of frustration not finding the perfect stand-out piece for my home. In the same period I moved to a new apartment and wanted to find something that wasn’t typical and looked for cool art or lighting, and around the same time I travelled to NYC and fell in love with all the signs around the city. That’s when I came up with the idea of Bxxlght as the product I wanted in my home; something that nobody had so that it could be a unique piece and also very personal.

2) Can you tell us a bit more about the idea behind Bxxlght?
I wanted to create a piece that stood out in a home and that attracts attention. I wanted people to have the opportunity to interact more in the design part. That’s why we created our changeable light box where customers can choose their favorite quote/life motto and change it whenever they feel like it.


Daniela Upmark Bxxlght

3) The name – Bxxlght – is pretty straightforward. Any reason for the missing vowels?
Yes. Since the light boxes were a new product on the market that people wouldn’t know what to call, I wanted to be clear about what they are. I wanted the brand name to be the actual product name so people could call it a Bxxlght.

4) We’ve read somewhere that the first prototypes looked very different from today’s eventual product. Is this the final form of the boxes?
The prototypes looked very different indeed, but I never launched that one. I got a lot of different prototypes until I was satisfied, and then I launched it. We will always keep developing our products. This year we will focus on more collaborations with cool photographers and illustrators.

5) It is possible to customize your own Bxxlght. What is the best/funniest customization you’ve had so far?
Hmm… that´s a tough one. A lot of people surprise their boyfriend or girlfriend with some naughty quotes. We came up with the quote BE NAKED WHEN I COME HOME which has been super popular.


Bxxlght Photos


6) Can you tell us a bit more about where and how you create the boxes? How does a concept grows to a final product?
I have a production centre in Europe. We design them at our atelier in Stockholm and then they produce them at the production centre.

7) What was Bxxlght’s most memorable highlight?
The highlight of my journey so far has been landing Bxxlght at one of our favorite department store’s in the world; Selfridges.




8) Any cool new, secret stuff coming up that you are willing to share with us?
Our next step is to launch scented candles. I will also launch a jewelry brand this spring that is called Blue Billie. So a lot going on for the moment : )

9) Where do you see your brand from now?
In the future I want our brand to be a household name for cool unique interior products.

Bxxlght Wall Stool

Bxxlght Table Studio

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