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It’s time for the next installment in our series ‘ESSENTIALS BY’ in which we ask inspiring creatives about their essentials. This time we have asked Amsterdam-based fashionista trio Hommes Equipe. Addy van Santvoort, Jefferson Muzo and Marcelino Playfair are determined to shake up the male fashion blogger world and with their talent, we think they might have a shot. Since we met them we have been jealous of their amazing style and photos on their Instagram and website. We just love their fashion game, so make sure to follow them! We asked them 5 questions.

1. How would you describe the style of HOMMES EQUIPES and where do you guys get your inspiration from?

Hommes Equipe’s fashion style can be described as both contemporary gentleman classics and frolicsome street wear. At the same time we believe that sometimes to make a big statement you have to keep it simple without losing authenticity, exclusiveness and striking silhouettes. Despite the name, we hope our style will not only inspire les hommes but also les femmes. We find inspiration in every day life, from the streets to Tumblr/blogs/Instagram. It is those who are pushing the envelope in fashion and are not afraid to show it with the rest of the world.

2. Like us, you guys are with the three of you. Has every one taken up a different role? And if yes, could you tell us more about this and how it works out?

The name Hommes Equipe was chosen to reflect our collective ideas rather than our individual views. And like our name reveals we work as a team, deciding about our content and direction. However, we do have our own role within the team. Marcelino is our driving force behind the scenes. He is our photographer and graphic designer who always make sure that the photos look superb and our social media neat. While Jefferson and Addy are the models and together we decide which photos are being displayed on social media.

3. There are way less male bloggers in the world of fashion. Why is this you think? And what do you think about being outnumbered in that sense?

We see this as a great opportunity to create more awareness among male fashion bloggers. Where the supply and competition of female fashion bloggers is immensely, we notice that men are less perspicuous to blog in general, and neither about fashion. However, there is a slow increase of male bloggers to emerge. Hommes Equipe has noticed this emergence and is actively participating in the expansion of the men’s fashion blog world. All in all, men love fashion too!

4. Hailing from Amsterdam, what is your favorite hotspot in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam, one of the greatest small cities in the world. For us it’s a city that can be re-discovered over and over again and that’s what makes Amsterdam so incredible! In one of our first photo shoots we discovered the ‘Hallen’ in Amsterdam West. In this former tram depot we have made some exquisite photos and it’s also a nice place to eat something. Furthermore, places to be in Amsterdam are the ‘Hutspot’ and ‘Coffee & Coconuts’. ‘Hutspot’ is a platform to indulge of creative minds meant for the big audience. When being here it inspires us and helps us to step up the game. At ‘coffee & coconuts’ you can taste and enjoy the awesome relaxing vibe of Amsterdam with a ‘CT’s Coconut Dream’ juice for example.

5. What lies in the future for the three of you as HOMMES EQUIPE?

We truly live in the moment and are enjoying everything what we are experiencing with Hommes Equipe to the fullest. Having said this, we are of course always looking for new collaborations in the near future, people who can inspire us and help Hommes Equipe to the next level. Current collaborations give us the opportunity to showcase our love for fashion together with our need to share our individual ideas about fashion, and at the same time create more awareness for Hommes Equipe. For instance, the collaboration we have at the moment with Every.Day.Counts, a new brand from Amsterdam, where they have showcase photos and an interview of us on their website. Furthermore, the newest collaboration that we are very much looking forward to, is the one with Samsøe & Samsøe and The Cloakroom. As it is still in progress we like to keep the outcome as a surprise… So keep an eye on the website of Samsøe & Samsøe and The Cloakroom. All of this eagers us to explore more into what fashion exactly entails and how we can evolve ourselves in this industry we embrace.

And last but not least, our three times dilemma:

1) Black or white
Jefferson: Black & White – Addy: Black & White – Marcelino: Black & White

2) Beer or liquor
Jefferson: Liquor – Addy: Beer – Marcelino: Liquor

3) Basebool or soccer
Jefferson: Baseball – Addy: Soccer – Marcelino: Soccer

Haven’t seen Hommes Equipes list of essentials yet? Check their top three here!

Photo Diary

Hommes Equipe Essentials By All Essentials

Hommes Equipe Essentials By All Essentials

Hommes Equipe Essentials By All Essentials

Hommes Equipe Essentials By All Essentials

Hommes Equipe Essentials By All Essentials


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