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In our series ‘ESSENTIALS BY’ we ask inspiring creatives about their essentials. We sat down with travel journalist and owner of online travel magazine Petite Passport, Pauline Egge. She is publishing super cool city guides, that will keep you up to date about all the newest hotspots in your favorite cities! Of course we asked her about the city guides and her personal travel list. Maybe you’ll find your new destination here or on her website, Instagram or Facebook, where she shares her newly found discoveries directly with you. But first you can read more here!


1. Traveling the world looking for the best spots in the world, what a dream job (!!). Can you tell us a little bit about how it all started? When did you decide to start petite passport?

I’ve started Petite Passport 5 years ago with one simple reason: to make my friends and family happy with all those beautiful design spots in the world. At that time I worked for a travel magazine and people were always asking me for recommendations in cities like Paris, London and New York. And because I love to discover all those beautiful places I decided to start a free wordpress site and put my archive on it. I thought I would be done in 6 months, but here we are: 5 years ahead and there are still a lot of fantastic addresses opening their doors worldwide!

2. A little while ago Petite Passport launched its first travel guides for the design-minded traveller who likes to discover the newest spots in town, and now even in print. How do you find these hotspots and what are the ‘criteria’ to be featured in a Petite Passport guide?

I only write about spots that touch my heart and got me thinking like: can I please live here? Then my readers would love it too. I find hotspots via my readers, owners of the spots, via internet, via walking through a city, via everywhere!

3. We are super curious what to expect more.. Can you give us a glimpse of any upcoming city guides or cool collaborations?

Of course The Paris Guide is on top of the list! Then I have all my most popular cities covered! At the moment I can’t tell you about new collaborations, but I’m always working on things that make me and my readers happy in terms of beautiful locations, destinations and spots.

4. As a travel journalist, you’ve visited many places. What is still on your top list to visit and now the difficult part.. what has been the most amazing trip you’ve ever made? 😉

The world is so big that there are so many places I still want to visit. Like Tokyo, Venice and Toronto among others. The most amazing trip I’ve ever made? That’s indeed a tough question. I really liked the romantic getaway with my boyfriend to Cabanas no Rio in Comporta where you’ll sleep in two fishermen’s hut turned into design cabanas. A good place for a digital detox. Also I liked my 6-month journey to Australia when I was 21. It was my first trip alone and I loved it. I even returned last year and I still love Sydney and Melbourne. Australia is a great country and very inspiring in terms of coffee culture, design spots and restaurants, so you will not be disappointed when you go!

5. You’ve moved to Barcelona. What is your favourite hotspot in this gorgeous city?

My absolute favorite is Gallito. It’s a chiringuito (a beach club) underneath the W Hotel. You eat a good gazpacho with a view to the beach and the sea in between the plants and it’s just perfect!

Three times dilemma:

1) Amsterdam or Barcelona?
Barcelona. The sun, the beach, the creative people, the design spots, the art, the architecture, the design: Barcelona has it all.

2) Books or Magazines?
Yes a true dilemma… Reading a magazine feels more like work to me because as a travel journalist I read everything, a book feels more like relaxation. So I’ll go for an inspiring novel.

3) Wood or Concrete?
Concrete. If I’m gonna count all the places on Petite Passport I think 75% have concrete floors. Love it!

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