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Today we launch our new series ‘ESSENTIALS BY’ in which we ask inspiring creatives about their essentials. We’re super happy Phoebe from PHO. LONDON – a soon-to-be online store – will kick off with her top three essentials. We spotted PHO. LONDON at the start of ALL ESSENTIALS and have been following her ever since. Phoebe inspires us everyday with her feminine and minimalist style and we just simply love all the products and female fashion she shares on instagram and pinterest. Make sure to follow her (but be careful, you might want to buy every single item she shares)! Enough talking from our side, we asked Phoebe 5 questions.


1. We know PHO. LONDON is a soon-to-be online store (exciting!). When did you come up with this idea and what were the main reasons?

The idea for the PHO. LONDON online store actually came over a year ago in late 2013. After months of research it was clear to see that the minimalist look was becoming increasingly popular and ideas such as ‘less is more’ and ‘choosing well’ were very important. I felt that there wasn’t yet a store that promoted a minimalist aesthetic that was also distinctly feminine and wearable, that also encompassed the whole minimalist lifestyle. We wish to offer our customers products which are thoughtfully designed, made with high quality materials and produced ethically. The idea for PHO. LONDON is a culmination of all these ideas, but is predominantly for the women who simply adore fashion.

2. This probably is still top-secret, but could you give us a glimpse of the brands PHO. LONDON will be selling?

I can’t give away too much but we’ve chosen brands that we really believe in not just for their products but for their whole brand outlook. We’ve got some beautiful brands who are owned and run by truly inspirational women and we can’t wait to support and promote them. On the website we’ll have clothing, accessories, jewellery and shoes, and a ‘lifestyle’ section which will feature pieces for your home as well as cosmetics and magazines.

3. How would you describe the style of PHO. LONDON and what is your main source of inspiration?

I would describe the PHO. LONDON style as being uncomplicated yet beautiful in it’s simplicity while being wearable, feminine and timeless. It is based around a neutral colour palette and favours textures and silhouettes. The PHO. LONDON woman has her own distinctive style and uses clothing to feel empowered and confident in every day life. I also feel the PHO. LONDON look
can be very feminine and the pieces we have chosen for the online store celebrate this femininity.

My main source of inspiration has always been the women who are experimenting with fashion and posting photographs on their blogs/Instagram. It is really interesting to see how women dress in their everyday lives and this sense of practical wearability is something we have strived to get with the pieces on the online store. Another huge source of inspiration for me is editorial photographs. In particular images in black and white, there’s nothing better than finding a really good one! I think that inspiration comes from all over and in many forms and I am always on the hunt for new images! I use Pinterest and Tumblr daily and I seem to be on Instagram consistently!

4. What is your favourite hotspot in London?

My favourite thing about London is that there is always something or somewhere new to explore. I only recently discovered the Design Museum and in particular the Women Fashion Power exhibition which I would really recommend going to, I mean with that title, whats not to love?! I also really like going to the Conservatory at The Barbican, its a little tropical paradise in London and you can take the most amazing photographs there.

5. Where do you see yourself and PHO. LONDON 5 years from now?

In 5 years from now, I would love to see the PHO. LONDON online store featuring a wide range of designers from the high end favourites to the emerging independent labels. I’d hope that over the next 5 years we would have worked with some amazing people and hopefully had a few design collaborations too! We’ll always draw our inspiration from whats happening around us and we’ll always listen intently to what our customers want so that leaves a lot of room for experimentation and growth. The best thing about PHO. LONDON is anything could happen.

And last but not least, our three times dilemma!
1) London or New york
London, of course!

2) Black or white

3) Leather jacket or a wool blend coat
Wool blend coat

Haven’t seen Phoebe’s list of essentials yet? Check her top three here!

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