Stories are there to be told! Everyday we show you what we love, while we believe the story behind these items can be just as inspiring. Today it is time to get to know a little bit more about OUIBONJOUR! This label offers unisex minimal streetwear and operates from Berlin. We asked the founders about their inspiration, future plans and much more. Meet OUIBONJOUR!

Let’s get back to the beginning of OUIBONJOUR. How did it all start and what was the turning point that made your label come alive?
Streetwear has always been something I have been intrigued by, and I am very inspired by the US labels I saw as a kid on MTV in the 90’s. I guess the interest developed over time, getting to the point where I felt it was only right to stand behind my own.

Can you tell us a bit more about the idea behind OUIBONJOUR?
Well, when the time came to execute the desire to release our own garments, we took a look at the market and saw that there were no streetwear labels fully dedicated to unisex minimalism. So this became immediately our main focus.


Can you tell us more about the people behind OUIBONJOUR?
Currently, there’s me and my wife Sunny. She is the designer and visual communicator, basically the soul behind the label. I take care of the technical stuff, and all things legal. She gets to do all the fun stuff, no doubt!

Why did you decide to name your label OUIBONJOUR? Could you tell us more about it?
Our designs evolve a lot around communication, words and language. Me and my wife Sunny speak 7 languages and we have travelled and lived in so many places, so language is a big thing for us. Usually, the first thing you learn when you learn a new language is often “Yes” and “Hello”. Might as well call the label that!



Where does the inspiration for the OUIBONJOUR t-shirts and sweatshirts come from?
We are inspired by language and communication. For each design, we try to learn something new about a word or a phrase in a different language and what it represents. When we discover something that speaks to us, then we start the design process. It’s like learning a new word in a new language, and speaking it through your own understanding and accent.

Difficult question – we know – but what is your favorite item of the OUIBONJOUR range?
I was proud when we released our first garment – The Pristine Tee – and I am even prouder looking back on it today. It represents so much emotionally, but it is also a timeless piece that does not look dated at all.

How does the creative and production process of OUIBONJOUR looks like? (from designing till the end result?)
Sunny works on the design, and when we agree on one, we start looking for the type of garment the design would look best on. We do research in terms of the fabric, the cuts and the color combination before we contact our factory, to see how feasible it is to produce, from a pricing perspective. Even though we try to create garments that are special, we also find it important to offer a fair price level for our customers.



What was OUIBONJOUR’s most memorable highlight?
I cannot point out one thing. It is, for me, very memorable that influential people embrace our garments, that different media platforms like yourselves dedicate space to write about us, and seeing interest from different retailers. Most of all, the biggest highlight is to see the geography of the people who order from our site. We are humbled to see how far we can reach someone.

Any cool new stuff coming up that you are willing to share with us?
We are working on some nice designs for 2016, that is all I can say.

Where do you see your label 5 years from now?
I see a lot of work in front of me now! Hopefully, we will have a stronger identity since we will have a longer history to reflect on. Our collections will have developed to a level where you can see parallels from the last collection to the very first, without repeating any styles. I hope to have established more great relationships with even more awesome people by that time.


Are you just as excited as we are about OUIBONJOUR and their unisex minimal streetwear items? Have a look at their website and purchase your favorite sweater or t-shirt right away! You can also find a post about one of their sweaters on ALL ESSENTIALS, check it out here.


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